georg beck - drums

Born in Amstetten he is living in Vienna for six years now, where he finished his drum studies at the Viennna Conservatory in 2003.
His dedication to the groove and the ability to play for the song lead to work with people like: Anik Kadinski, Big John Whitfield, Dzihan & Kamien, Boris name a few.
Besides being a sessionplayer he is involved in song writing & consulting  at the recording studio „“ .
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carl avory - voice

For anyone who has experienced the unusual contradiction that is Carl Avory it seems to be something they never forget. Is it the "Hooligan" looks, the brutal energy, the immense vocal range, or just the fact that you are listening to one of the biggest hearts in the business? There are few performers that unleash themselves with an honesty like this one. Not interested in the cosmetics of modern pop idealism Carl will sweat, laugh, cry, headbang, pogo or joke if the feeling is there.
In short, Carl is pouring out his soul everytime he performs making you feel at ease and provoking you to release what is within your own heart.
"Lets face it, that's what music is for!"


bernhard krinner - guitar

Born in 1966, the “King of String“ deepened his studies  at the Vienna Schubert Conservatory and got his degree from the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien for Jazzguitar.
Not enough he attended worksshops and took lessons with  such greats as Jim Hall, Karl Ratzer and Les Wise.

For years he was the musical director of the well known Andy Lee Lang Band, furthermore he worked with Catharina Valente, Harry Belafonte, Uwe Kröger, etc.

In 2008 he finished building his home studio in Strasshof where he is working on his own music.


thomas mora - bass

Since around 1991 the bassplayer and producer Thomas Mora is  part of the austrian and german music scene. So far he has worked live and/or on record  with Georg Danzer, Ulli Bäer, Hansi Lang , Ayman, Louie Austen, Die Trenkwalder , Günther "MO" Mokesch , Brunner & Brunner, Nik P. ... to name a few.

His recording credits also involve work for "Starmania" 1 & 2, in season 3 & 4 he was hired as a producer.
If he's not  busy playing live gigs  he can be found in his homestudio, working on music for film and commercials.
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valentin oman - keys

After acquiring a strong foundation in classical piano playing his love for pop & jazz music lead him to the public Vienna Conservatory and Vienna University of Music.
He was the musical director of Mo’s Sultans Of Swing Band and is busy with his own group, the favorhythm gospel singers.
As a sideman he worked for artists like Mat Schuh, The Original Brothers, Andy Middleton, Tamee Harrison, Manuel Ortega, Stella Jones,...
Musicals include Little Shop Of Horrors, High Society & Ain’t Misbehavin’ .
Besides  “tha family“ he is a regular member of the Vienna Soul Society and the electronic duo "ramon".
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